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With powerful features and light weight you will feel as if you are in flight! Fly through loads of work with processing speeds of P-III 850MHz and DRAM memory of up to 256MB. 3420 Notebook is approximately 1.25" (32mm) thin and 5.3lbs (2.4Kg). With its crystal clear 13.3" XGA TFT LCD, optional built-in 56K V.90 modem module, and possible of interchangeable FDD/ CD-RO M/ LS-120/ DVD-ROM/ CD-RW drive, This is one solution you have to consider for any portable computing need.



 PROCESSOR Intel Mobile P-III up to 850MHz with SpeedStep technology Intel Mobile Celeron up to 750MHz
 MEMORY DRAM upgradeable to 256MB, Sync DIMM(3.3V) Two 144-pin SODIMM sockets
 VIDEO 3D Graphics hardware accelerator 8MB SGRAM Support AGP 2X Support DuoView simultaneous display under window 98 TV-out function
 HDD Removable 2.5 9.5mm (H), Ultra-DMA33 I/F supporting
 STORAGE (Hot Swappable) Built-in 24X CD-ROM · Interchangable with FDD and optional LS-120, DVD-ROM and CD-R/W drive
 SECURITY kensington lock slot
 AUDIO 3D SoundBlaster compatible Built-in Stereo speakers Audio jacks for line-in/speaker-out/microphone jack
 KEYBOARD Win98 key supports, 86/87 keys keyboard
 PCMCIA One Type II PCI PCMCIA sockets, support Cardbus and ZV port
 I/O Trackpad (1)
USB ports (1)
External CRT port (1)
Parallel(ECP & EPP)port (1)
Series(RS-232) (1)
External PS/2 port (1)
S-video jack for TV-out (1)
80-Pin connector for Ext. Port Replicator (1)
RJ-11 (modem) (1)
 COMMUNICATION Built-in 56K V.90 Modem · FIR/ IrDA
 BATTERY Smart Li-Ion battery
 PHYSICAL Dimension: 12" (W) x 9.13" (D)x1.25" (H) Weight: 5.3lbs

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