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FOSA specializes in the distribution and expansion of high technology and niche-market of notebook computers. Established in 1991, our emphasis on affordability, personal service and flexibility enables our products to steadily compete in the world of notebook technology. Key factors in FOSA's steady growth include the ongoing introduction of new ideas and products through the respond of our customers. The customers always have a say in the line of technology that we carry. Therefore, FOSA has been able to meet the expectations of the market and the demands of the customers as we always pay special attention to the market fluctuation and technological revolutions. We are proud of our arduous departments and strive to nurture the personal growth of every employee within the corporate framework by offering well-rounded learning opportunities and on-the-job training. As FOSA continues to expand rapidly, introduction of internet and intranet opens FOSA to a better environment and adaptation of the market. Currently, FOSA is opening up more production lines with each line subjected to the most acute possible quality control procedures. All ready products must meet the requirement of IQC inspection and the final assembled products are burned-in for at least 24 hours. Each machine delivered must pass the inspection of our assembly line management team. FOSA's vision of quality covers beyond that of the production line. We guarantee that our customers will receive our absolute attention. FOSA now has business partners in US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand and Germany, all of which offer direct maintainance services. Customers can receive technical assistance almost anywhere in the world. We value our solid business relationship with our customers. FOSA's growth depends on the satisfaction of its customers and both parties have enjoyed a positive understanding of each other.


Welcome to Advance Mobile Solutions, an authorized distributor of FOSA Computer Inc. We are proud to bring you solutions to your mobile computing needs. Please feel free to surf our site anytime you want and contact us for any assistance. Once again, we welcome you to Advance Mobile Solutions, the power in mobile computing.