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The 2200C brings the highest available technology to you at the best price. The CPU max at 1000 MHz, memory at 512MB, and best of all, the motherboard is PC-133 MHz. Combined with FireWire and TV-out, the performance of all major multimedia products are integrated into one machine. And it is portable! Now you really don't have a reason to not own a laptop.



 STRUCTURE Full PC99 Compliant· ACPI 1.0 compliant
 PROCESSOR Intel P-III (FCPGA) up to 1000MHz, 133MHz CPU Bus Clock speed SiS 630S chipset Integrate 256KB cache (on-die)
 MEMORY DRAM upgradeable to 512MB, Sync DIMM(3.3V) Two 144-pin SODIMM sockets
 VIDEO SiS 630 Controller 64MB Max. Video RAM (devoted from system RAM) Ultra AGP 128-bit 3D hardware 2D/3D graphic engine DuoView simultaneous display capability under window 98
 HDD 2.5 9.5mm (H), PCI LB Enhanced IDE, Ultra-DMA66
 OPTICAL Built-in 24X CD-ROM · Optional DVD with DVD-ROM & CDRW
 FDD Built-in 3.5 1.44 FDD
 AUDIO 3D sound system/Full-duplex Stereo speakers Built-in microphone Audio jacks for line-in/line-out/speaker-out/microphone jack
 KEYBOARD Win98 key supports, 86/87 keys keyboard
 PCMCIA PCI PCMCIA sockets, support Cardbus and ZV port
 I/O Trackpad (1)
USB ports (2)
External CRT port (1)
Parallel(ECP & EPP)port (1)
External PS/2 port (1)
DC-in (1)
IEEE 1394 (1)
1x S-Video Out (1)
 COMMUNICATION FIR (IrDA1.1) ASKIR, HPSIR (IrDA1.0) Built-in 56K V.90 Modem · Built-in 10/100 Base-TX LAN module
 BATTERY Smart Li-Ion battery
 PHYSICAL Dimension: 12.1 (W) x 9.9 (D) x 1.36 (H) Weight: 7 lbs (with CD-ROM and Smart Li-Ion battery)

Last modified: 12-30-2001

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